Given the importance of tracking a campaign’s ROI, having a tool or system that tracks all of your metrics in one place would be nice, right? Many social media metrics tracking tools claim they have it all and are a one-stop-shop for tracking. But, after testing out some, we’re here to tell you buyer beware. So, which one of the metric tracking platforms are right for you? Check out our five most recommended metrics tracking tools.

Most Recommended Metrics Tracking Tools

Most Recommended Metrics Tracking Tools Features and Limitations

These most recommended metrics tracking tools track, measure, and report on social media accounts and Influencer Marketing campaign performance. Then, they present you with solid data from which to see how campaigns are performing. With this information, you can make business decisions regarding future social media marketing efforts.

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Our most recommended metrics tracking tools include the following features:

  • Campaign analysis
  • Data aggregation
  • Overall performance analysis
  • Platform analysis
  • Reporting
  • Social media monitoring

While the tools outlined in this post are effective, they have some limitations in terms of price and functionality. 

To be clear …

This list is full of metrics tracking tools that track Influencer Marketing campaigns. You may use plenty of tools to schedule social media updates/promotions, find influencers, etc. This list is solely geared toward helping you track the performance of a campaign.

The Top 5 Most Recommended Metrics Tracking Tools

Check out these five most recommended metrics tracking tools presented in alphabetical order.


The tool offered by Brand24 offers a comprehensive look at how many times people share a hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can track the volume chart to see how your hashtags trend. You can also use hashtag analytics to find out what social media reach they generate across social media platforms and other sources. Another added bonus is that you can see what micro influencers, influential social media profiles, and authors use your hashtags, keep them going, and increase their social media reach.


  • Networks: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Price: $49-399 USD per month
  • Recommended for: Any brand that wants to track a website’s performance, as well as hashtag performance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Google Analytics

As one of the most famous tools, Google Analytics provides vital information that helps your business progress. This can be overwhelming at first, considering the numerous steps of what you need to do to acquire the correct set up. However, with its capabilities, this can present you a concrete knowledge to where your business is heading. This tool can give you a clear picture of what changes you need to implement to improve your site and maximize your conversions. Plus, you can see how much traffic comes to your website from each social network. Every piece of content matters, and with this tool, you are sure that you are given reports that benefit those contents and campaigns your brand or business strategized to meet the goals.

  • Networks: Blog/website
  • Price: Free – $150,000 USD per month
  • Recommended for: Any brand that wants to track a website’s performance.

Hashtracking is an online service that offers tools for hashtag tracking and analytics. After typing in a hashtag and selecting a platform (either Instagram or Twitter), you can view all sorts of stats related to the hashtag. The metrics tool tracks, collects, and compiles a clear snapshot of Instagram and Twitter efforts and events. It can be an essential reporting tool for Instagram and Twitter hashtag events and campaigns.

  • Networks: Instagram and Twitter
  • Price: $50-$1,500 USD per month
  • Recommended for: A brand that is focused on gathering data from Instagram and Twitter.


The Keyhold metrics tool has a product offering that is focused on “social media listening.” Keyhole’s easy-to-read real-time analytics dashboard comes loaded with high impact data you can use to optimize and report on your hashtag campaigns. In their platform, you can find out the total number of posts, the engagement rate, and the total reach and impressions your hashtags have generated. PDF and Excel reports are also downloadable and printable.

You can also use Keyhole’s dedicated influencers metrics to analyze advocates talking about your hashtags. You can filter influencers based on geo-location and keywords in their bios. Why is this important? You can reach out to influencers to help boost engagement and increase your marketing ROI. You can also sort influencers based on the exposure they generate and engagement levels.

  • Networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Price: $89 – $3,000+ USD per month
  • Recommended for: A brand that is using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their campaigns.

Sprout Social

Thanks to Sprout’s social media analytics, you can measure performance across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter all within a single platform. Having all of your analytics in one place makes it easier to track and compare your efforts across multiple profiles and platforms.

  • Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Price: Starts at $500 USD per month; agency plans vary
  • Recommended for: A brand that manages campaigns across a wide range of social media platforms.

Wrapping It All Up

The list above shares only a handful of major players in the field. More are sure to pop up in the near future. Try not to get overwhelmed by your choices. Do your research, decide what you need, and go with the option that best fits your needs and budget. And, don’t be lured in by an expensive tool that gives you exactly what a lower-priced option includes.

What’s your favorite tracking tool?

This post was originally published on the Forward Influence blog as part of a 7-part series on metrics tracking and reporting.


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