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We are committed to protecting and elevating the human aspect of influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Association Blog

Fighting Fake Influencers

Earlier this year, Unilever sent a strong message against working with influencers who buy followers. The company made a public commitment to actively eradicate any influencers using fake followers, bots, or other fraudulent practices from its brands’ global marketing spend. Following this announcement, many other brands followed, such as eBay, Diageo, and L’Oréal indicating that […]

10 Halloween-Themed Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas That Will Wow You

Recent studies by the Halloween Industry Association showed that social media is a huge contributor when it comes to influencing consumer’s purchasing decisions. For example, Instagram has had the biggest increase of users year after year—close to 12%. Ensuring your Halloween-themed campaigns are fun, fresh, and relevant will help guarantee their ROI. The key is pinning […]

A Guide To 2019 Blogging/Influencer Conferences

An excellent way to get a sense of the influencer space is to attend a conference attended by influencers.  We don’t endorse any particular conference listed below but provide this as a round-up of conferences throughout the 2019 calendar year. January BlogHer Health Hyperlink: Dates: January 24-25, 2019 Location: Los Angeles, California About: BlogHer […]